Designing reliable & resilient systems plus tools for healthcare practitioners.

The company also stretched its arm to carrying out medical research to provide doctors with insights towards ground breaking discoveries.



Smartmed System

Smart med is a hospital enterprise resource planning tool designed to better patient outcomes by providing medical personnel with visually descriptive data maps, intuitive workflows and a compressive analytics and prediction engine powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Mpeke Rx

Mpeke Rx is an E-Pharmacy management system. A one- stop software solution for both small and large pharmacies, chain pharmacies and other Retail / Wholesale Medical businesses.

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“Having been in the pharmaceutical industry for a long while, I have interacted with various software solutions but this is different with amazing unique features. I'm confident that many people in this industry, especially Pharmacists & pharmacy owners will get good value for their money with this new, creatively well thought out innovation.”

Client 2 Richard Kitonsa, CEO Pharma Ville &Echo Pharmacy

Mara Lims

MaraLims is a system that allows you to effectively manage the flow of samples and associated data to improve lab efficiency. Mara Lims helps standardize workflows, tests and procedures, while providing accurate controls of the process. Instruments may be integrated into the LIMS to automate collection of test data, ensuring they are properly calibrated and operated by trained staff only.

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How we work

We use SCRUM which is an agile frameworkfor developing, delivering, and sustaining complex health systems.

Product initiation and Backlog formation.

Here the product manager, product owner, agile manager and engineering team meet to flesh out the details of the project that become user stories.

Sprint Planning meeting.

The team selects at top as much it can commit to deliver by end of a given sprint( 2 weeks). During the sprint planning meeting, the team selects some number of product backlogitems, usually in the form of user stories, and identifies the tasks necessary to complete each user story.

Sprint Backlog

Here the user stories are broken down into tasks by the scrum master, that are to be completed in a scrum sprint( 2 weeks). Throughout the scrum sprint we have daily stand-up meetings to review progress on the tasks and constant project testing.

Product estimation

This is the final step in the Agile scrum process and here the scrum sprint progress and built product are evaluated to ensure they are in line with the requirements. If not, the cycle continues until an acceptable project is released.

Our Mission.

To equip health care practitioners with reliable and resilient systems and tools to make better data driven decisions in improving healthcare outcomes of their patients.

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